If you would prefer to do a private course with your own instructor we can put together a customized training programme to suit your schedule.

Children under the age of 12 are advised to do a private course.

There are two options: fully private courses or partially private courses.

Fully private course – private instruction with two of your open water dives conducted in a local lake and or a local marine reserve  – NZ$1,399 for 1 person, NZ$799 each for 2-3 people, or NZ$699 each for 4 or more people. If you prefer we can also run this course off your own boat.

A part private/part group course – private instruction for your theory and pool sessions and then group instruction for your open water dives. Note that in order to do this option the timing of your open water dives must coincide with our group dive course schedule – NZ$749 for 1-3 people, or NZ$649 for 4 or more people.



The Canterbury Wreck is a world-class dive attraction in the Bay of Islands. Take this opportunity to get Deep and Wreck certified on a peerless New Zealand dive site! 

Included is board at the lodge, which has double, single and bunk rooms. For the more out-door types, there are several camp sites. Meals are catered (no chance of going hungry). You also have a variety of après-dive entertainment such as pool, darts, tv/dvd, reading material, cards and board games.

This course is suitable as one of your three weekends to achieve Master Diver status!

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