Private Open Water Courses

If you want to learn to scuba dive, the first step is to do an SSI Open Water Diver course. Within a few days, you can enjoy the underwater world.

We run these courses in Auckland in small groups (maximum 4 students per instructor) to give you plenty of time with your instructor, allowing you to become comfortable with diving concepts, and to master the necessary in water skills to be an SSI Open Water Diver.

Our SSI Open Water Diver Course takes place over 4 days; days 1 and 2 take place in the pool, where you'll enjoy your confined water sessions and learn the essential skills in a controlled diving environment. On days 3 & 4 we'll explore the ocean with 2 Open Water dives on each day - the first part of the course is skills based with a little bit of exploration, and the second half is exploration with a few skills thrown in! 

These dives allow you to demonstrate what you've learnt in conditions that are just like the kind of “real” dives you'll be doing once you're certified. There are some skills to complete for your instructor but, don't worry, they're nothing that you won't have done before in the pool! This is where it starts to feel like you're a real diver! 

Once you've completed all your dives and skills to a level that your instructor is happy with, we then award you the title of SSI Open Water Diver with a big congrats from the Doctor - a whole new world awaits you!

Please complete the medical form attached, and yes you do need to know how to swim!

Event Information

Wednesday 7 July 2021
Event Date Saturday 1 January 2022
Event End Date Tuesday 1 January 2030
Register By Friday 8 June 2029
Individual Price Dependent on Group Size
Auckland, New Zealand

Group Rate

#Registrants Rate/Person($)
1 1,399.00
2 899.00
3 799.00
4 699.00
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